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Me and my brother used to live happily together, helping each other in the household chores and until I got married. Things change when I moved to the other city and obviously the routine got pretty much disturbed. So, my bother got a new job in the city with a higher position. Obviously, the new job and the higher position in the firm comes with new responsibilities. He started getting busy with the work. All the late night sittings at office and the early morning meetings at workplace, disturbed his diet and he just could not give himself and his home time.

He is pretty much single and has nobody to take care of him at home. He does all of the house chores on his own. But those days were tough. The disturbed routine and every day eating form restaurant was literally affecting his health.

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I had to come up with some idea to make things easier for him. A colleague form work gave me this idea that she had been lately practicing at home about Dinnerly. Dinnerly is about getting you the fresh grocery of your much aspired recipes form the store. These ingredients re enclosed in a box, calling it a meal kit since it comprises of the complete nutrition of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and of course fibres.

You just have to place the order using Dinnerly app and make the Dinnerly billing using you Dinnerly PayPal accounts for the secure transactions. However, the Dinnerly servings size is huge, so one serving would be enough for dinner and the next day breakfast.

So, I placed the order selecting the recipes my brother would like and delivered it to his place. Since, he is a great cook I believed, he would have easily cooked the food from meal box within less than 30 minutes.

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The benefit that I got while ordering form Dinnerly was; Number 1, he could save a lot of his time while not going for the groceries at the super market every week. The grocery would arrive to his place and he would not have to spend his energy doing is.

The other foremost benefit which I really appreciate is that he is now able to eat the healthy and do not have to suffer from health issues anymore.

Also, the store claims to serve the cheapest meal kits I town and offers the simplest 6-8 ingredients recipes that saves time and cost serving food. Also, they have swift Dinnerly customer support where you can callusing Dinnerly phone number and get your queries resolved.

Dinnerly is simple amazing way to take care of you and your family, serving them with the best and truly what they deserve.